With ever increasing rise in SaaS, IPaas, Cloud Computing, ERP, IOT, AI and above all Blockchain, the explanation of information technology is merely not limited only to the developer community. However, an application subscriber now plays a crucial role as decision maker as an end user of a SaaS service across the entire IT eco-system.

Without having understanding of a particular application or plug-in, a common user can’t employ it in his routine usage. Technical writing provides much needed comprehension to that user in daily use of a software application in his business processes, office work and personal life. Microsoft Office, Android OS, NetSuite ERP, Godaddy are a few examples of such software products that require technical explanation in the simplest language.

Technical Writing Services by Cult Creations provides an array of writing services to information technology companies to get their services and product expressed to a non technical person, easily. The some very common technical services offered by us are:-

* Technical Blog Writing:As a medium to communicate online, blog writing is also crucial to software promotions and explanations. Cult Creation coverts the mundane software applications into interesting blogs capable of lead generation on account of them being CTA driver.

* Technical White Papers: Unless you are not able to showcase your services to the prospect in interesting and engaging manner, you can’t sell it. Technical White Papers accomplishes that task for you.

* Enterprise Documentation: Cult Creations is the right partner for all your documentation needs. Our unique approach allows us to quickly address your immediate needs, understand your long-term challenges and provide proactive, business-focused solutions. Our critical steps include:

   •  Understanding your specific business objectives
   •   Developing recommendations for meeting those objectives
   •   Developing a plan of action
   •   Partnering with you to implement the plan
   •   Continuously evolving and evaluating improvement opportunities

* Software Documentation: Cult Creation simplifies your software challenges by creating compressible software documentation. We have a team of writers, editors, and information architects experienced in the API documentation, online help, or software manual development you require.

* User Manual: Cult Creation provides the right training solution to support your products, software applications, business processes, or procedures. Whether launching a new software application or product, updating courseware, or converting existing training materials to eLearning, Cult Creations tailors a solution for your specific needs.

* Knowledge Base: It consists of several sets of technical content pieces entwined with each other on a certain topic for quick reference and learning.

* Software Product Descriptions: We also write short summaries to entire software application explained with illustrations for immediate understanding of a user.

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